Little Ones
When they were little


There's me, Candice Smith the Artist in beige, my husband, the CPA, and our two kiddos. Since Before having a family I photographed all walks of life along with still life.  I photographed it all.

in college i DID triple major of Wedding, Commercial and Portraiture degree in 2006.  I also became a Certified Professional Photographer Degree from the professional Photographers of America in 2010.

Fast forward 22 years we had our baby boy...suprise in the nicu, and after that priorities switched as they do with babies and i went from working an 60 work week to, feeding tubes, and keeping a little baby alive. So the last 7 years I specialize in photographing babies, families and referrals of those. Weddings are a sprinkle in the mix instead of a weekly basis(I still love them).

I love all of our clients who have become close over the years and we are still so grateful for all the referrals that come decades later. I now have migrated the studio to travel to your homes along with a showtime of those amazing memories by appointment only. THe whole experience is still just for your family and unique.

We lost our website and all the images from the last 22 years so we are rebuilding the website with portrait experiences from the last 5 years-so in case you are wondering where all the images went and where the updates went-now you know!

Expect new things in 2023 as we ramp up new locations, and custom backgrounds and the gorgeous artwork you have come to know and love from Candice Smith Photography!

Thank you all for the last two decades we look forward to working with you at least two decades more :D


Smith Family Portrait by pond by KristinCampbellPhotography 2022